Current Projects

CSP Output Filter Class
An output filter using XML DOMDocument to enforce a Content Security Policy.
CSRF Protection Class
A class to generate and validate tokens for CSRF protection with key timeout and specified action protection.
docType Class
A class to set up a DOMDocument object for generating XHTML/HTML content depending upon the reported capabilities of the requesting web browser. Works well in combination with the CSP Output Filter class.
DOM Functions
A library of functions to use with DOMDocument for performing routine operations.
Session Manager
Improved session management class using a database backend and optional APC caching for session read performance.
embedMedia Class
Generates code for embedding multimedia in a web page so that the media “just works” by using (X)HTML 5 Media in combination with Flowplayer. Does not require the use of JavaScript to detect browser capabilities.
rssFeed Class
Generates RSS 2.0 feeds using PHP and DOM Document.
Shasta County Herpetological Information
An information site and tracking database for herps (Reptiles and Amphibians) of Shasta County, CA.
A blog I am slowly but surely working on. Right now I am still working on the UBB input interface, but you can play with it. In fact, I would appreciate it, let me know what is busted.

Possible Future Projects

GPX Class
A class extending DOMDocument for the specific purpose of generating GPX documents
CSP Input Filter Class
I would like to work on a class that extends the HTML Purifier class to enforce CSP on input validation according to CSP compatible parameters.
Simple Sitemap based Search Engine
I am working on a simple search engine that will index site based upon what is listed in a properly formed sitemap. The indexer will not crawl the site to be indexed to find links, it will get the url list and indexing instructions purely from the sitemap file and go from there. It is intended to be a simple search engine.
XML Wiki Port
I would like to port one of the php based wiki's to DOMDocument based XHTML. I have one in particular in mind, but I don't want to specify it in case I change my mind. It may be awhile, so my choice may change.

Modern PHP for CentOS 5.4

The version of PHP in RHEL/CentOS is fairly old. PHP is a rapidly developing language, and it can thus be very advantageous to run newer versions of the software. In particular, there is a lot of very useful functionality in php 5.2.x that just is not available in php 5.1.x.

In general, I recommend sticking with the software versions maintained by RHEL/CentOS but if you need the newer better functionality of PHP, it can be updated fairly easily without impacting the stability of the rest of the system.

I have provided source RPMs for a modern PHP install here, known to build and work in RHEL/CentOS 5.4 with the EPEL repository for some dependencies. I also make binary RPMs available for a very reasonable fee. Both PHP 5.2.12 and 5.3.0 are packaged. For the free source RPMs or information on obtaining the binary RPMs:

Modern PHP on RHEL/CentOS 5.3

Web 1.0

Proudly embracing Web 1.0, Where:

[Web 1.0]

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